A weekend up in the Whites

Before our big trip to Europe in a week or so, I decided to get out and shoot in the White Mountains, more specifically, Jackson, a place I'd actually never visited before! I loved it! Besides photographing the town, I got a chance to do a little cross country skiing as well!

Getting ready for Europe!

Well, this week, I hit the road and broke in our new Sony A7Rii Camera, practicing of sorts for our big 3 week trip to Europe! Today, I took my dog to the cape, driving up and down and all around, shooting sand dunes, and lighthouses like Nobska. Thursday, I woke up at 4am to see the sunrise at Plum Island. I was treated with fresh snow to photograph the boardwalks snaking thru the meadows and forest on the island.

Coming in 2018!

We tested the water in 2017 and now are moving forward to expanding our business with panels featuring the same crackled or textured finish that has made our coasters very popular. We will be selling two types of panels, a long and narrow one on wood, about 5 inches x 18 inches and a 3 panel set featuring city scenes and other landscape images that fit perfect. Here are some examples below!

Coming Soon! A blog of our photography trips!

Once the weather breaks, we will be back out on assignment shooting for the 2018 year. Our list of trips include another adventure to Europe. First we are visiting Portugal, then Madrid, back to Italy for a drive from Rome to Venice with a detour in Cinque Terre. Then, we'll be flying to Munich to side trip over the shoot the most photographic castle in the world, then we'll finish up in western Ireland, a place we definitely need more landscape images of. Some other places on our list before our selling season kicks off in May: definitely an excursion to Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, an Rv trip out west, and more New York and Boston as well! We hope you all follow along with us!

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