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Why are VPV Coasters the best handmade coasters?


We've created an original 'crackled' finish where a clear, textured coating protects each image sealed on the tile coaster.  It is waterproof and heat resistant for hot drinks, but it's stunning appearance is what they are known for.  Tilt the coasters towards the light and the textured finish sparkles in the light - and with our latest design - bits and pieces from the image come through the crackle making a hologram type appearance.  However, view the coaster straight on, and the image appears crystal clear.

2.  We created the 'Double Coaster':

A unique design that not only holds two drinks or maybe a bottle and a drink, but decorates your table with a beautiful panoramic image that appears much larger to the natural eye than a 4x8 image.    



Each and every image we sell is from our very own collection of photographs that we've personally taken! 


We've sold over 120,000 handmade coasters in the past 7 years.


We personally sign 'VPV'  on every single coaster, making it a small piece of signed Art!  A one of a kind piece like no other.


We only use the highest quality cork on the back of our coasters.  Each is made in the USA and extra thick for excellent cushion.


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My Channel

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Watch us on Chronicle WCVB.  Our clip is 3 minutes into the video (above)




VPV is in it's 6th year of business. During our first year, we sold only prints and canvases at the New England Open Markets.  Since we both have a passion for photography as well as travel, we primarily sold European prints. Then in our second season we introduced handmade coasters and our business took off!  Our coasters stood out from all other handmade coasters because of our textured or crackled finish, something we spent a long time and now several years mastering.  It's not a store bought gimmick, but more of a tedious process like painting an Italian Fresco.

 In 2018 we introduced our third edition coaster.  The printing is museum quality, so the image will not fade even if you leave it in direct sunlight.  The crackle finish is deeper than our previous coasters, and our greatest improvement, is we can actually get the crackle to follow the lines in the photo creating a hologram like image hidden inside the crackle, giving the overall coaster a 3-D appearance.  

In 2018 we also introduced our 5-piece panels that stretch nearly 6 feet long and are about a foot and a half tall.  They have the same textured feel the coasters have and are visually stunning to look at.  Do to the success  last year we are brining a much larger selection to the table in 2019!

You will find us at the Greenway Open Market as well as SOWA Open Market from May- OCT, and you will also find us at the Boston Christmas Festival and Sowa Holiday Market.  We do plenty of wholesale so you will also find us throughout 80-90 stores in Eastern Mass.  We're in all the major hospital gift shops, Frugal Fannies, many, many bookstores and boutiques as well as our favorite all handmade store, MADE IT in Plymouth Mass.


The coasters are completely waterproof and can handle any hot or cold drink.  This is not a hot plate. Drinks only please.



WHOLESALE PRICES: please email us directly at

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