5-Panel Wall Art

New this year, we are using our photography and creating wide, panoramic wall art using 5 pine panels.  Each panel will have the same textured finish or 'crackle' that has made our coasters popular. 

Photos are printed using museum quality printing and paper, then adhered to pine before being dipped in our crackle finish.

**This is not canvas.  All panels are on PINE WOOD.

Each panel is 11.25x18 inches.  If hung with 2 inches of space between each panel, the piece of art stretches nearly 6ft and can command any size wall!

Our selection is limited now, but it will grow as we photograph more scenes to stretch across this  panoramic dimension.

Prices are starting at $395, shipping included. PLEASE NOTE: PANELS ARE MADE TO ORDER. SHIPPING CAN BE UP TO 12 DAYS.

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